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Adex's Top Ten



This is a list of my top ten anime songs and anime series

Top 10 Anime songs
1. AD To Protect and Serve- Police- Toki no Nakade

I love this song, Masha has really done their composing to conjure up this song.

The super rokish song Toki no Nakade is the ending song to one of my favourite series AD Police To Protect and Serve. The main vocalist from Masha sung the opening and ending songs to the series but the ending song really touched me. The guitar solo after the first verse is truly an excellent chorus because of the pace and the dynamics. The beat is totally cool and suits the images of the ending.

Total Score:*****

Preformed By: Masha

Category: Japanese rock

Anime Series: AD Police to Protect and Serve

2. Boogiepop Phantom- Mirai Seiki Hi Club

Boogiepop Phantom is an very good series but the reasons that make the series even better is the ending song Mirai Seiki High Club ( Future Centaury High Club ) which is preformed by Kyoko.

The ending song has various instruments being played and has a great polyrhythmic texture to it.

The reason why I like the song even more is because of the drum beat. The drum beat may not be noticeable but if you concentrate can be heard.

The ending song fits its horror genre perfectly because it gives that haunted teenage high school feeling to it.

Total Score:*****

Preformed By: Kyoko

Category: Japanese mixture/mainly Japanese pop

Anime Series: Boogiepop Phantom

3. Psychic Force 2010- Ai Wo Shizumeteru

The ending song to Psychic Force 2012 is soooooooo great. The female singer from Anza has a totally great rokish voice when singing this song. The guitar solos at in the second verse and at the end totally suit its theme and make the song stable.

Total Score:*****

Preformed By: ANZA

Category: J-Rock

Game: Psychic Force 2012

4. Steam Detectives- Kimi Hohoe Minda Yoru

The opening song to Steam Detectives is sung by Elika. Kimi Hohoe minda yoru is an great song to an mediocre series. The genre is hard rock and has great guitar solos during the song.

Total Score: *****

Preformed By: Elika

Category: J-Rock

Anime Series: Steam Detectives

5. Which Hunter Robin- Shell

Witch Hunter Robin is said to be an excellent series however I have not seen the series and cannot say.

What I can say though is that the opening song Shell is a great song and deserves to be on my list.

The female singer Bana sings in an great gothic style which totally suits the series.

Rating: *****

Series: Witch Hunter Robin

Category: J-Rock

Lyrics: Hitomi MIENO
Music: Hideyuki "Daichi" SUZUKI
Arrange: Hideyuki "Daichi" SUZUKI
Vocals: Bana

6. Bronze- Saishuushou

Minami Ozaki has a great voice but employs his voice mostly when singing Saishuushou. The song is over six minutes long and kind of drags on but when the song reaches the end of the second chorus there is a great guitar solo.

The duration of the track may be large but the time spent on the track is a time that you would not want back at all.

Total Score: *****

Preformed By: Minami Ozaki

Category: J-Rock

Anime Series: Bronze

7. Star Ocean EX- To the Light

Hattan Amika is the singer of Star Ocean EXs opening theme To the Light. I love her voice especially when she sings go to the light. This song has a great polyrhythmic techno beat and an elegant bass line.

Total Score: *****

Preformed By: Minami Ozaki

Category: J-Pop

Anime Series: Star Ocean EX

8. Guilty Gear XX- Holy Orders

The Guilty Gear XX version of Holy Orders is superb. The change from piano to forte is excellent and is not expected at all. Although it is a BGM track for Ky Kiske from the Guilty Gear series there is a vocal version of the track sung by Lapis Lazuli but Daisuke Ishiwatari is the composer to all the Guilty Gear tracks.

Total Score: *****

Preformed By: Daisuke Ishiwatari

Category: Heavy Metal

Game Series: Guilty Gear/XX version

9. Guilty Gear XX- Reloaded The day of Judgement

The Day of Judgement is the theme tune of the diabolical gear Justice.

This theme is used in Guilty Gear XX Reloaded and is one of my favourite tracks in the Korean OST.

Even though the song may drag on and seem more than 5 minutes long, the song still has a place in my top ten.

Total Score: *****

Preformed By: Daisuke Ishiwatari

Category: Heavy Metal

Game Series: Guilty Gear/XX Reloaded version.

10. Megaman X7- Code Rush

Code Crush is an a J-Pop song used in the game series Megaman X7 and is one of my favourite Megaman songs ever. The female singer Rina Aiuchi. I love the pace changes at the start and end of the song.

Total Score: *****

Preformed By: Rina Aiuchi

Category: J-Pop

Game Series: Megaman X7

Note 1: These are just 10 of my favourite songs.
Note 2: These songs are all up for request.

Top Ten Anime series and movies
1. Neon Genesis Evangelion
I love NGE to the limit. Their mood changes and their issues can send you into a thinking frenzy. I love the music the fighting scenes and all there is to it.
2. Dragon Ball Series
Who does not like the Dragonball series.
3. Excel Saga
I was having fits on the floor because the anime series was soooo funny.
4. Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop may be soooooooooo realistic and harsh even for a futuristic anime.
5. The Tekkaman series
I love tekkaman he is sooooo cool. Their issues and even the battles were great
6. AD Police To Protect And Serve
What can I say i've always liked AD Police and this 12 episode long anime series is like a remake to the old 1993 version.
7. Blue Submarine 6
This is one wierd movie but has a place in my memories because of it.
blue submarine,review   blue submarine,review  
8. Bubblegum crisis 2040
Girls in hard wear fighting robots.
9. .Hack//Sign and etc.
This is one series that i've always enjoyed. The storyline is excellent but can drag on.
10. Gundam series
Big bad robots fighting other robots.
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