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Anime Sushi
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~""SuSHi NeWs""~

The news that is not so important in the eyes of a fool

I am truly sorry that I have not updated lately. I was just trying to get my other sites comfitable while attending school and learning dreamweaver.


Updates for now are as follows:


I will be updating the layout of Adexanime by probabally moving it to freewebz and changing the layout to look more professional while having more features, more links and more bandwith.


I have learned how to use Dreamweaver so now my layouts will look cooler and more professional.




These are the top ten preorders of Animenation


 Top DVD Pre-Orders

01. Evangelion Platinum: 03

02. Inu-Yasha Movie DVD

03. Last Exile DVD 6

04. Twelve Kingdoms DVD 8

05. Wolf's Rain DVD 3

06. Gundam Seed DVD 3

07. Last Exile DVD 7

08. Inu-Yasha Movie 2 DVD

09. Zeta Gundam DVD Box

10. .hack//Sign Collection


Click on the links to be taken to the area that you want to go to.


There are no good torrents out currently so I will not be giving links to any. Just check out for yourself and you might find somthing you really want.




I have not got the Metal Gear Solid 3 first bite OST with alot more others. This means that there are alot more mp3s avaliable for request.


Thats all for the updates.


Thanx for visiting.


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